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BiryaniKabab is a specialized catering company that has been supplying excellent food and professional services since 2005.  The catered food at BiryaniKabab includes halal Pakistani and Indian Food.  Catered Indian Food and Pakistani food can be ordered in trays of various sizes.  We cater to any facility; specializing in receptions, corporate functions, banquets, buffets, barbecues, weddings and celebrations.

We take personal pride in all aspects of our business.  We offer an extensive variety of menus to help ensure your event’s success.

All of our meals feature homemade foods from fresh ingredients. BiryaniKabab can accommodate food requiring cultural restrictions, vegetarian or ethnic food preferences upon request.

In summary, we at BiryaniKabab, are dedicated to ensuring that each client is accommodated in a way that suits him or her best and that the food they are served will be of the freshest quality and will be pleasing to both the eye and the palate.

Below is a list of Items catered at BiryaniKabab along with prices.


Item Small Tray Medium Tray Large Tray
Chicken Biryani 25 40 50
Veal Biryani 30 50 65
Mutton Biryani 35 55 75
Chicken Qorma 40 55 70
Veal Qorma 45 60 80
Mutton Qorma 55 70 85
Chicken Karahi 50 60 85
Veal Karahi 45 65 80
Mutton Karahi 50 70 90
Veal Nihari 45 70 85
Butter Chicken 45 60 75
Chicken Tikka Masala 45 60 75
Haleem 45 60 70
Mix Vegetable 25 40


Channa Masala 25 40 55
Kheer 25



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Items                                       Prices

Quarter Chicken Leg with
Fries or Naan                                    4.50

2 Veg Samosas & Chgaat                   3.49

Biryani Rice with Beef Kabab
on top of Salad                                 6.50

Biryani Rice, Beef Kabab and Naan
with Salad                                        7.00

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